At Europa Grand Cru, you will find a wide range of wines made according to the principles of biodynamic agriculture. These environmentally friendly wines are made from vineyards with diverse beneficial flora and fauna. Chemicals are not allowed and machine interventions are limited. The vines are pruned and the grapes are harvested by hand, in accordance with the rhythm of nature. It is said that biodynamic wines allow the vines to truly express their character and reflect their terroir.

Biodynamic agriculture is an ancient anti-chemical practice, older than most organic movements. Tasks such as planting, pruning, and harvesting are all regulated by the biodynamic calendar. This is due to the belief in biodynamics that the universe is made up of interconnecting bodies. Everything from the moon and planets to the vine and human, it says, is interconnected, and biodynamics seeks to strike a balance between them.
Instead of clearing vineyard rows with herbicides, weeds are permitted to grow. As plowing the land with tractors compresses the soil, some biodynamic growers do so with horses. The gentler plowing encourages microbial activity in the soil. The manure, of course, is used to make treatments that nourish the vineyard.
In the winery, biodynamic wine is made without any manufactured additions, such as acidity adjustments or commercial yeast. Natural yeasts, found on the grape skin, are used to carry out the fermentation. Such yeasts naturally carry all the subtleties and nuances of the given vintage.
Today, more and more wine growers are adopting the biodynamic philosophy. They are making distinctive wines with specificities of 

climate, geology, personality. Europa Grand Cru works closely with producers like Domaine Leroy and Domaine Arlaud of Burgundy, Jaques Selosse of Champagne, and M. Chapoutier of the Rhone Valley, to bring you a true experience of nature in wine. 

BIODYNAMIC - Vignerons

Château de Beaucastel

For five generations, the Perrin family has been producing exceptional wines at Château de Beaucastel. They maintain the tradition of blending the 13 historical grape varieties of Châteauneuf-du-Pape

Castello dei Rampolla

The vineyards of Castello dei Rampolla lie in the Conca d’Oro, the “golden valley”, within the Chianti Classico region. The founder, Alceo di Napoli, was the first in the region to...

Champagne de Sousa

Established in the heart of the Côte de Blancs for three generations, Maison Champagne de Sousa grows Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in the most beautiful terroirs. Three-quarters of their vines are more...

Mathieu Lapierre

Domaine Marcel Lapierre has been organic since 1981. Today it has has 13 hectares under vine in Villié-Morgon, with an average vine age of 60 years old. Now managed by Mathieu Lapierre, son of Marcel,...

Weingut Wittmann

The Wittmann family has been growing vines in the village of Westhofen for hundreds of years. Today, the winery is run by Philipp Wittmann, a passionate winemaker and a pioneer in making full-bodied,

Paul Jaboulet Aîné

Domaine Jaboulet Aîné possesses a beautiful diversity of terroirs in its crus of the northern Côtes du Rhône. Caroline Frey, oenologist and owner of Château La Lagune in Bordeaux, has overseen the...

Domaine Arlaud

Hervé Arlaud is the owner of Domaine Arlaud at Morey-Saint-Denis, and he works with his three children: Bertille, who oversees the ploughing horses, and Cyprien and Romain, who oversee the vineyards...

Champagne Fleury
Philippe Pacalet

Specialised in natural yeasts, Philippe Pacalet was one of the first natural winemakers in France. His philosophy is that nature should govern the production, and not new technology. La Maison...

Jean-Marc Brocard

“Precision, strength, and freshness form the signature of Brocard” – this is the unique style that we find in each of the Chablis wines that bear the family name. Today, Jean-Marc...


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