Beaujolais has no shortage of winemaking talent. Young winemakers are fascinating consumers and critics from around the world: How can a wine be so light and so full of aromas at the same time? It is

The secret lies in the region’s unique terroir. The Gironde estuary warms and nourishes the left and right banks, giving rise to several distinctive styles of wine.

On the left bank, the...


The signature of red Burgundy is its delicate red fruit bouquet and silky smooth mouthfeel. We love these wines for their gracefulness – not overwhelming, but rather inspiring. When aged, Pinot


Champagne is an excellent wine, and we aim to offer it in all its incredible diversity. When it comes Champagne, there are a lot of options.
We can choose a Champagne according to its colour, which...


Most famous here are the expressive Sauvignon Blanc wines of Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé. These crisp and citrusy whites, especially those from Pouilly-Fumé, have subtle smoky notes, which is said to...


The Syrah grape is naturally full of black pepper and black fruit aromas, but almost all wines from this region come with a floral elegance. With age, they develop leather and chocolate aromas,...

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